Our Building Process

Thorough communication, honesty, and an intimate attention to detail is how we approach each project.

Our Latest Projects

We focus on small to mid-sized homes that are soundly constructed and built with energy efficiency in mind.

I loved working with Rob, have recommended him often and will continue to do so.

- Leah Black, 30 Maney Avenue

His personal commitments to quality and integrity outweigh every other element of his jobs.  Anyone will be forever happy with their choice to place Rob on their team.

- Jody Whitehurst, Town and Mountain Realty

Our house is of high quality and we are very happy customers. I would highly recommend Rob to my friends and family.

- Jen Thompson, 14 Alabama Avenue

If you are looking for a great house, built solid, look to RS Motley Construction.

- William Dissen, 42 Sunrise Drive

As a home energy rating company that has worked on well over one thousand green homes and with over one hundred green builders in Western North Carolina, we can comfortably say that Rob is one of the best builders we have ever worked with.

- Matt Vande, Architect and Home Energy Rater

Rob is top notch as a builder, but where he shines brightest is in terms of his honesty and integrity.

- James Adams, 224 Waynesville Avenue